Alesha Dixon - How Not to do Double Denim

English singer, dancer, rapper, model, and television presenter, Alesha Dixon, may have abs of steel and can look good in anything, but this double denim disaster is too much.

Appearing on stage at Total Access Live in Crewe, the singer wore a ripped denim skirt mismatched with a ripped denim jacket.

With a split nearly baring her nether regions, the pencil skirt featured several frayed rips, and the light denim color just didn’t quite work with the dark denim of her jacket. Looking like it was hacked at with scissors, Alesha’s collar jacket was popped and worn over a black and white striped crop top.

The nineties-inspired getup was complete with a pair of black wedge trainers.

Too much of distressing and ripping in two different denim pieces worn together, screams “trying too hard”.

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Alesha Dixon - How Not to do Double Denim