Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim in COA Jeans - Front View

Greetings my fellow Denimologists!

Before I get to my CULT Rocker Slim in COA jeans review, let me introduce myself. My name is Travis and I currently live in Salem, Oregon. My good friend and fellow contributor, Lana, paved the way for me to join the Denimology review team. I am beyond excited to be combining four of my hobbies and interests into this one activity, those being photography, fashion, writing and web development. In my free time I like to explore the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest and, in particular, uncover the little gems that the cities in the area have to offer. I live an active lifestyle and I expect my jeans to follow suit. What I hope to express through my reviews is a simple man’s approach to jeans, where functionality is just as important as style. I will be putting every pair of jeans I review through the rigors of my everyday life and documenting my findings along the way.

Without further ado, let’s get to my review:

My level of anticipation for my first pair of jeans was brimming after I conducted my preliminary research on Cult of Individuality. One only needs to read Lisette’s post on CULT’s F/W ’15 Campaign for a thorough analysis of what the brand stands for. Straight out of the package, the Rocker Slim in COA jeans exude craftsmanship and attention to detail. Even the tag and product catalog tucked in the back right pocket scream quality! I really dig the Japanese denim seal of approval and the little bit of insight into the lifestyle of the founder, Ron Poisson, in the back of the catalog. I had not inspected or put on the Rocker Slims yet and Ron had already made me a believer in his CULT brand.

A well-constructed pair of selvedge jeans can go unnoticed in a crowd if it were not for subtle hints made by the designer.  In this case, there is nothing subtle about the features on this pair of Size 32 Rocker Slim in COA jeans.  The selvedge trim along the coin pocket, across the top right corner of the right pocket, and through the left rear double belt loop are only a prelude to the selvedge construction on the inside of the jeans.  The whiskers down the front thighs and the honeycomb fade behind the knees bring a touch of light gray to another otherwise classic blue jean. The 34 inch inseam provides me with just enough length and allows for a little bit of stacking above the boot. The stitching is top-notch and well thought out as displayed by the bar tacking in all the usual stress points and chain stitching in the double belt loops and tops of the rear pockets. I found the 9 ¾ inch front rise offset by the 14 ½ inch back rise to be form fitting yet comfortable.  Standing in front of the mirror in my Rocker Slim in COA jeans for the first time, I couldn’t help but appreciate all the intricate details and the clean symmetry of the distress work.

On to the field test!  As with any pair of slims, first wear is a feeling out process.  Within two hours of opening the package, I had my Rocker Slims on and was taking them for a spin through the streets and on the dance floors of Portland. My walk felt a little stiff mainly through the thighs.  I blame this more on my athletic legs that on the dimensions of the jeans.   Although I did bust out some of my usual moves on the dance floor, by no means was I dropping it down to the floor yet.  Executing a full range of motion squat in these jeans on my first wear was not going to happen.  I did experience tightness behind the knees when I was sitting, but I had no issues with getting my foot above my knee in a gentlemanly fashion. My pockets are very rarely empty and usually see a lot of action.  With that being said the pockets on my Rocker Slim in COA jeans are spacious and ergonomically located, although ease of access into the pockets is limited. Expect to wrestle with your jeans a little bit in order to get you phone, keys, lighter, etc. out of your pockets. There was a significant difference in comfort and functionality on my second and third wears.  The trick was turning my Rocker Slims inside outside and throwing them in the dryer on high heat for minute.  During my photoshoot, the tightness around my thighs and behind my knees subsided and I experienced a greater range of motion.  As with any high-end pair of jeans, a certain level of tolerance is expected from the wearer as the jeans conform to the attributes of the body and its movement.

In conclusion, the Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim in COA jeans far exceeded my expectations in construction, functionality, and style. This pair of classic shuttle loom selvedge denim will be a staple in my wardrobe for a long time to come!

The Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim in COA Jeans are available: Here!

Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim in COA Jeans - Back View

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