Dorky Jeans Ads - Just for FunFergie for Bongo Denim

There are some celebrity endorsements for iconic jeans brands, such as Toni Garrn for CLOSED, that make me want to run out and buy a pair. But for every sexy celebrity ad campaign, such as Rihanna for Armani Jeans, there’s another, dorkier vintage ad you haven’t seen lurking in the background. I’m betting these celebrities were hoping these ads would disappear without notice – but frankly, I found them too funny not to share with you.


Dorky Jeans Ads - Just for FunChuck Norris Action Jeans

Dorky Jeans Ads - Just for FunJason Hervey for for Levi’s Jeans

Dorky Jeans Ads - Just for FunNolan Ryan for Wrangler Jeans


Dorky AdsNick Nolte for h.i.s Jeans


Dorky AdsPaula Abdul for L.A. Gear Jeanswear