Emily Ratajkowski in Joe's Flare Jeans

Emily Ratajkowski was spotted wearing a pair of Joe’s flare jeans while promoting her new movie, “We are your friends”, in New York City. She looked super cool in her high waisted jeans paired with a cropped white top and peep toe heels.

By now you will have seen that a plethora of celebrities have been ditching their beloved skinny jeans in favor of flares. And it’s time you did too. We promise it’s easier than you think.

The flare silhouette is one of the most flattering forms to have ever been created by the denim gods- they instantly elongate the leg and a high waisted pair will tuck in that tummy too.

Emily’s jeans, the Joe’s Charlie flare, are a definite throw back to the 70’s, with their patched pockets and crooked seam along the flare.

The Charlie Flare jeans in vintage wash Angelique are available here.

Emily Ratajkowski in Joe's Flare Jeans