PRPS Goods & Co Demon Cabana jeans

PRPS has long been recognized as an elite denim brand renowned for quality handcrafting and a meticulous eye for real distressing details. However, that elite craftsmanship always came at a hefty cost which many of us (at least I know myself) couldn’t quite afford. Now our opening into the long closed world of PRPS is here with the third collection under the brand PRPS Goods & Co.

My first experience with this line is the PRPS Goods & Co Cabana jeans and at first look, seem to have all the individual and unique touches that made PRPS a denim brand to love.

What sets the Goods & Co collection apart from the PRPS or PRPS Noir lines is how they are actually constructed. The two former lines are individually handcrafted in Japan or the US, Goods & Co is manufactured in China. Now everyone would have their own opinion on how this affects the quality of the jeans being made, but the PRPS Goods & Co line is about half the price of the other lines so I wouldn’t expect the same level of detail in every aspect of the jeans.

Now looking more in depth at the PRPS Goods & Co Cabana jeans – First the fit. This is the more popular Demon fit which translates to a slim fit with a mid rise. The fit is exactly what you would expect and one that fits perfectly with the level of distressing/repair shown on the Cabana jeans. The waist and thighs fit comfortably with being too tight or too baggy. The legs don’t taper beyond the knee so it becomes a uniform fit from top to bottom. I would have liked to see a bit shorter inseam option though, now it is standard at around 34”. Because of the wider leg openings, when compared to tapered or skinnier fits, when I roll the bottoms up it tends to get a bit thick. However, overall, the Demon fit is a fairly universal fit and one that doesn’t take away from the real reason you go to PRPS…the washes and details.

When I first took the PRPS Goods & Co Cabana jeans out of the box I was a bit nervous on how they would look on. The heavy bleached effect on the upper legs seemed pretty white and I was worried it would look too “manufactured”, which is something I am never a huge fan of – I like the more natural look and washes. Then I put them on and threw on a simple shirt, BOOM, everything worked. The bleaching wraps around the legs perfectly and allows different spaces to absorb the wash without seeming to be in-your-face. Combined with ripped and repatched holes, which are placed brilliantly to break-up that white washing, I found myself continuing to go back to this pair. Despite there being a number of holes along the thighs, each one was repaired with an indigo fabric which removes the chance of exposing any unwanted skin. Once again, PRPS comes through and shines with the risk and reward approach to denim washes.

Now if everything was perfect than PRPS would have no reason to justify a higher cost in the other collections, so obviously certain details are missing. The PRPS Goods & Co Cabana jeans still have the signature folded back pockets (which is a great signature detail) but some of the other aspects that are commonly found on PRPS jeans are missing. Like the different color buttons on the fly or the high quality cow hair or expertly distressed leather patch. Small and insignificant to others. If you are a fan or PRPS, you will miss these details and be able to tell a difference. If this is your first rodeo with PRPS, you will just see a thought out quality pair of jeans.

Bottom line: PRPS Goods & Co can satisfy your craving for any of the PRPS jeans. The PRPS Goods & Co Cabana jeans showcase the design savvy mind from the brand without the huge price tag. Although you lose some of the smaller details that vaulted PRPS to elite status in the first least you can still afford to eat.

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PRPS Goods & Co Demon Cabana jeans