PRPS Noir Rambler Selvedge Cycle jeans

This is what I have been waiting to get my hands on – another pair of PRPS destroyed and patched up jeans. If there is one thing that I have continued to talk about, it’s the care and soft but heavy hand PRPS maintains when developing their denim. In my opinion it’s unmatched by anyone else doing denim. “Destroyed” denim is running wild for both men and women and the PRPS Noir Rambler Selvedge Cycle jeans are a prime example of how to do it right.

Just to recap on the PRPS brand – There are three main collections, PRPS Noir, PRPS Japan and PRPS Goods & Co (the price points for the collections follow the same order from high to low). The PRPS Noir Rambler Selvedge Cycle jeans obviously fall into the PRPS Noir collection and is one of the highest priced options in the collection at over $800. Constructed by hand with a 13 ounce selvedge denim, the level of detailed distressing makes this an extremely eye catching and quality pair of jeans.

The Rambler fit is classified as PRPS Skinny fit and is characterized by a low front rise and slimmer legs (15” opening). However, I think the skinny fit designation is a bit misleading as these are not “skinny” when compared to many other brands. For PRPS, this is definitely a slimmer fit than the Demon but I wouldn’t call it skinny…coming from a guy who loves my skinny jeans. But the surprising thing is that the fit just works. The slim and comfortable on the hips, plenty of room in the knees and fall really nicely around the ankle. The PRPS Noir Rambler Selvedge Cycle jeans seem to take on your form regardless of how the fit is classified. If it was looser, it would work perfectly with the level of patching and repairs to give a laid back, “I don’t give a shit” vibe. If it they were skinnier, than it would give the high end rich hipster look loved by many. Bottom line, the fit works and leave very little to be desired. Perhaps they could be a tad shorter or tapered at the ankles but again, this is goes with my preconception for how a skinny jean should fit.

Now down to what I have been waiting for and why I love the PRPS Noir collection so much – the details. First, let me start off by saying that I am not going to pay premium money for a pair of jeans that have a bunch of holes in them. However, I do love the distressed look in general and think that many times it can be “dressed up” or quite casual depending on the quality of the brand. The PRPS Noir Rambler Selvedge Cycle jeans provide the best possible solution. Despite being heavily distressed and torn, each tear is repaired in various ways which not only adds character but reinforces the denim to secure a nice long life. Double patches and reinforcements around both knees, the awesome blue flowered fabric that peeks through the holes on the front pocket and back thigh, the small rips and tear strategically placed on both the front and back side – just pure perfection and artistry. Seriously, every small abrasion is so expertly placed that they seem to come from a real life wear-and-tear. Tops of the front pockets show great fraying that can only come from repeated use and rummaging for keys or loose change. Small rips buried within the honeycombs on the back of the knees from continual bending and moving. Just amazing.

When talking about PRPS, the fits all seem pretty universal and almost an afterthought. Where you get your money’s work, what really pays off, is the level of expert detail shown on each pair. The PRPS Noir Rambler Selvedge Cycle jeans are a perfect example of that…scratch that, not a example but the example.

Bottom Line: A bit slimmer than the Demon fit, the PRPS Noir Rambler Selvedge Cycle jeans are still a very comfortable option that can satisfy anyone looking for a slightly slimmer style. Stay true to your normal size and there won’t be a problem. I went with a normal 32” waist and wouldn’t change it any one way. PRPS once again showcases what has made them the premium denim brand in the industry – level of and quality of the distressing. Amazing repair work can be seen all over this pair but it comes at a hefty cost. PRPS fans and loyalist will be amazed by this pair and newcomers will quickly fall in love.

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PRPS Noir Rambler Selvedge Cycle jeans

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