STRÖM F/W '15 Women's Lookbook

Coming soon – fall and winter. Inevitable. Unavoidable, unless you move to ever sunny South America or the likes. A sad reality. So let’s try to – at least – get some good things out of this and check out what’s new in the denim world.

The one thing I love about fall is all that beautiful new denim. The ONLY thing. And if the new denim is as insane and rad as the STRÖM F/W 15 collection, then I will happily live through all those blah fall and winter months to come.

Entering Fall 2015, STRÖM Brand dives into RTW, introducing leather moto jackets, oversized throw cardigans, menswear-inspired trousers and more. While broadening the collection, Erika Stromqvist, Founder and Creative Director, maintains the traditional Scandinavian qualities such as functionality, modesty, equality and beauty. With the expansion of the brand, the line now incorporates exquisite quality pieces like the Gosi Knit Shawl Cardigan, the Shearling Anuk Jacket, and the Doki Faux Fur Coat, reflecting the versatility and precision that has always been apparent in their denim.

Here is a quote from Erika about her inspired F/W ’15 lookbook:

“It’s about a girl – could be any one of us. She appreciates a certain amount of anonymity, modesty and beauty – she has something to say – she owns the moment. Her style liberates her.”

The collection is available on the STRÖM website.

Photo Credit: Julian Le Ballister

STRÖM F/W '15 Women's Lookbook

STRÖM F/W '15 Women's Lookbook