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Anne Hathaway Wearing STRÖM Jeans

Anne Hathaway is wearing a pair of skinny STRÖM brand jeans on the movie set of “the Intern”. We love to see denim on the big screen, and more so, if we can identify them! The jeans, that Anne is wearing, are a pair of the STRÖM Tio Storm jeans. They are super soft, made of Italian stretch denim and are in a classic, medium blue wash. A staple for any denim lover’s closet.

Anne was wearing her jeans paired with different tops. We can see her here in a pair of shiny black loafers and a navy blue sweater. In another scene of the movie, she paired her jeans with a sleeveless white button down shirt and a pair of socks with her loafers. Both looks are pretty classic and stylish.

Skinny STRÖM brand jeans have an absolute denim feel, even though they have a small amount of stretch, and this is one of the reasons I am so obsessed with them. I love the feel of “real” denim, and the comfort of some stretch.

You can purchase STRÖM brand jeans on their website.

Italian stretch denim
Anne Hathaway Wearing STRÖM Jeans