Fix Damaged Denim & Jean Shorts


Damaged Denim Shorts? Denim Therapy Knows Which Holes To Fix. After all, you don’t want to just tape all those “hard earned” rips, right. You just want to patch up the real bad ones.

“We may fix jeans all day, but here’s a little secret: destroyed denim is a trend we love! Still, there’s good damage and bad damage when it comes to your jeans. We were recently sent this pair of super distressed cut-off shorts. As you can see, the gaping holes were probably making them a little but tough to wear. We were able to give them a new look and new life without taking away the original vibe of the shorts by placing denim patches behind the larger holes. To be honest, we kind of wanted to keep them. See the before {above} & after {below}.”

Patched Denim Jeans