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Denim Playground Dhaka

Denim Playground Dhaka


Denim is a playground where the denim artists of the world play and let loose their imaginations on this ever changing canvas of the most beautiful fabric devised. Starting as workwear, the fabric is now facing the “Athleisure Threat”, as many would say. But it is only through challenge that denim has thrived. Challenge continuously raises the bar for this versatile fabric and pushes the “Denim Players” to jump notches above it, as athletes do in a playground. The more they stretch themselves, more the denim evolves!

Sandeep Agarwal, who is the founder of this show, predicts that the trend of athleisure wear will still remain strong for a few more years, and denim players must really gear up for this trend.

The fourth edition of Denimsandjeans.com Bangladesh, scheduled to be held on October 7th and 8th, 2015 at Radisson Dhaka, derives its inspiration from these ‘Denim Players’ and has aptly selected “Denim Playground” as its theme. The October show will take part at the Hotel Radisson in Dhaka. The coolest exhibitors from around the world shall bring out their denim innovations to the visitors who travel long distances to visit the show. It will be a “PLAYGROUND FOR DENIMLOVERS”.

Denimsandjeans.com launched the first denim show at Bangladesh in March 2014 and subsequently held three successful shows. Each of the show showcased continuous upgrades over the last editions. The 3rd Denimsandjeans show brought out seminars from renowned denim experts from around the world. Adriano Goldschmied, also popularly known and loved as the “Godfather of Denim”, made a presentation titled: “Denim and Innovation” to the delight of the audience of top denim fraternities which attended the show.

Fashionim – “The Fashion in Denim” – event was also initiated in the 3rd Edition and will again be held on 7th October bringing the latest in denim fashions from three of the exhibitors – Vicunha from Brazil, Envoy Group from Bangladesh, and Bhaskar Group from India. Besides, a number of seminars will be held along the sidelines by renowned denim experts.

The show will bring companies from around the world including Our Exhibitors For The October’15 Edition:

Artistic Fabric Mills , Artistic Milliners, Arvind Limite, Asutex, Bhaskar Denim, Envoy Textiles Ltd., Garmon Group, Ginni Denim, Hameem Denim, Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd, KG Denim Limited, LNJ Denim, Mafatlal Industries Ltd., MKS Devo Chemical, Nandan Denim, Naveena Denim, Officina+39 ,Orta Anadolu, Pacific Denims Ltd., Prosperity Textile (H.K.)Ltd ,Pt. Grandtex, Rauf Textile, Salek Textile, Siddiqsons Limite, SM Denim Mills, Soorty, US Denim, Vicunha Textil S.A. etc.

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Denim Playground Dhaka

Denim Playground Dhaka


Denim Playground Dhaka