Denimsandjeans - Playground in Bangladesh

Yes! You heard it right, the fourth edition of, Bangladesh has been scheduled to be held on October 7th and 8th, 2015 at the Radisson Dhaka.

This time twenty-eight companies from around the globe, including Bangladesh, are joining the invite-only event which focuses on bringing buyers to Bangladesh. The Fashion event, which has been named FASHIONIM, will be the Mecca for denim connoisseurs and is being sponsored by three distinguished exhibitors namely – Envoy Group from Bangladesh, Vicunha from Brazil, and Bhaskar Group from India.

Just now, when the denim industry has been hit by the “Athleisure Threat”, this exhibition will try to push all the enthusiastic denim players to make their contributions to revamp the industry. The theme of this show is “Denim Playground Dhaka”, where the coolest exhibitors from around the world will bring out their sporty innovations to visitors and denim fans who have traveled a long way to visit the show. It will be a “PLAYGROUND FOR DENIM LOVERS”.

Sandeep Agarwal, the founder of Denimsandjeans, says:

“In our last edition of the exhibition, we were fortunate to have the Godfather of Denim, Adriano Goldschmied, along with the internationally famous denim consultant, Piero Turk. The godfather’s reaction to our exhibition was beyond expectation, and his compliments have led us to redouble our efforts. So far, as big brands are concerned, in our last edition we were successful in bringing together many distinguished and respected brands and companies from around the globe.

The world is facing the challenge of Global Warming due to the devastating use of chemicals and other anti-environment components. We always try to focus on ECO-SUSTAINABILITY in our all shows. At Denim Playground Dhaka, apart from the exhibitions, we are delighted to have a number of seminars and panel discussions to address these important issues which are so crucial to the health of environment.”


October 7th: Presentation of fashion applications to amplify denim visuals.

October 8th: Panel discussions about the issue of Profitable Environmentally Sustainable Denim Washing, organized by GIZ PSES, followed by an exclusive presentation, “Bridging Research in Cellulose Chemistry for Denim Applications”, by Christian Schimper.

This time, there will also be a presentation from young fashion graduates in Bangladesh. They will be showing their new ideas through a competition at the show.

You can register for the show here.

Denimsandjeans - Playground in Bangladesh

Denimsandjeans - Playground in Bangladesh

Playground in Bangladesh