DM Denim Giveaway

Thank you to all who entered our Diego Milano August giveaway!! We’ve picked a winner!

And the winner is…[email protected]!!

Please stay tuned for our next Denimology giveaway!

Few denim brands out there make quite the impact that Diego Milano has been having over here at Denimology…their impeccable, handcrafted details give a special uniqueness that cannot be imitated! Founded in 2012 by Creative Director Chris Kay, every pair is made from the finest Italian fabric and manufactured right here in the United States of America, in Scottsdale, Arizona. We’ve had two reviews for this brand so far, one for the women’s S/S Number 019 jean and one for the men’s Dark Number 027 jeans. We’ve also had an incredible promotion for $150 off a pair of their superb high-end denim! And now, here’s a chance to WIN one pair all for yourself!

Dark Number 20 (Womens):
This edgy black washed jean brings out the bold within by bringing together 3D side pockets and a cutting-edge button flap.


After months of collaboration to launch this color option, there’s no way to hide the excitement of seeing the onlookers reactions to the very unique dark denim. DM Dark is solely an extension of more creative denim revolutions to come! Check out this jean on the DM website right here.

S/S Number 30 (mens):
In a culture that highlights freedom and originality, this jean screams it by combining hand-dyed green toned denim, green leather, uniquely placed pin tucks, a perfectly cut straight leg, 3D side pockets and button flaps. Check out this jean on the DM website here.

DM Number 30

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I’ve been quite the denim fanatic for several years now, and am happy to apply this passion to something that I can share with others. I am also a graphic designer/web developer and have done design work for two of the biggest designer boutiques in town, which is partly to blame for the 100 plus pairs of jeans I now own in my collection! It always fascinates me how much can be done with the denim fabric alone, and the constant innovations will always keep me hooked.


  1. I get your email updates- but happened to pop by the blog just now and saw this! totally hope i win! can we enter multiple times or is it a one time shot?

  2. thanks for the chance! I am happy that they are the skinny number 19 (the ones you reviewed)…..the black is cool but I think I would have to see it on before I decided about it… The guys 30 looks a lot like the girls 19!

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