Johnny Depp, wearing a denim shirt, once again proved his love for helping kids in need. Known for donning his pirate costumes from his movies and visiting sick kids in the hospital, this time Johnny helped some of the poorest in Brazil to obtain hearing aids.

Johnny, accompanied by his wife, Amber Heard, partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation in Brazil to help distribute hundreds of hearing aids to those in need. The experience was clearly a profound one for Amber, who was brought to tears as one woman received the life-changing gift.

I, Lisette,  hereby retract all not so nice comments I may have made about Johnny in his denim in my celeb posts. It doesn’t matter so much what you look like, or what you wear, when you are basically a good and charitable person.

johnny depp denim shirt
Johnny Depp in a Denim Shirt For Charity
Johnny Depp denim
Johnny Depp in a Denim Shirt For Charity