black skinny jeans
Kendall Jenner in Etienne Marcel Jeans

Kendall Jenner was snapped out in New York City, in a pair of Etienne Marcel black studded jeans. We so dig this outfit and we need to share with you, even though these pictures were taken a few weeks ago. At any rate, we believe that an outfit like this is timeless! 🙂

Not only are Kendall’s jeans super cool, but we also love the way she paired her ripped tuxedo studded jeans with an actual tuxedo jacket. What a great way of mixing trashy (ripped) and super classy/elegant!

The best way of calling attention in an outfit is when you combine some ripped or destructed jeans with either a cool jacket, or super high stilettos. Or vintage jeans with a classic dark blue blazer with gold buttons. An absolute juxtaposition!

You can purchase Etienne Marcel jeans on their website.

tuxedo striped jeans
Kendall Jenner in Etienne Marcel Jeans