Marina Ingvarsson in BLANKNYC Shorts

The festival season, or this year in general, seems to have been about all the distressed styles…boyfriend jeans, cutoff shorts, skinnies, you name it. Of course cutoff shorts have a place in the denim markets every year but I saw them explode this year with fashion bloggers who just could not get enough of them! I have a few pairs of my own but nothing like some of the ones edgy-yet-affordable brand BLANKNYC came out with. On Instagram, we found blogger Marina Ingvarsson in BLANKNYC shorts, but just not any shorts…she jumps around in the amazing fringed BLANKNYC Short in Grey Area Anatomy. I know I’d be bouncing around in them too…those fringes would just be asking for it! She wears them with a black bikini-like top and sneakers made to jump or dance around in all day.

Shop the BLANKNYC Short in Grey Anatomy here. View Marina’s Instagram post here, and visit her blog, Bon Au Petite here.