Bombshell Front View

Hey readers it’s Jessica again and I am back with my second Parker Smith denim review. The first review I did for Parker Smith was the Penny Ankle Zip and these jeans made their way into my top 2 favorite jeans. This says a lot because my closet is stuffed to the gills in designer denim. I was super excited when I got to do a second review for Parker Smith.Parker Smith denim not only looks amazing but it also washes great and keeps that soft denim feel we all love and live for. Parker Smith focuses on contemporary denim made for everyday life. The CEO Ellen Moschetti clearly has an eye for design, flattering fabrics, and functionality. This jean by Parker Smith is the Bombshell Skinny in empire and is another home run! I love these jeans so much I put them on after a long day at the office. The Parker Smith Bombshell Skinny in Empire is stylish, flattering and yes, comfortable. Who wants to wear jogging suites all the time? The sloppy look is so beyond out. You can feel comfortable and look great.

The Parker Smith Bombshell Skinny in Empire is a high waisted, ultra soft, body contouring,  flattering jean that can be dressed up with a high heel and sexy top or down in a flip flop (I am a California girl I know, bad habit, but I live for a flip flop) and oversized shirt. There is not any extra detail on the ankle so this can also be slipped in a boot for the fall and winter months that are just around the corner.

Bombshell Back View

I recently went looking for a high wasted everyday jean at Urban Outfitters and tried on a pair of BDG jeans. It was my first time wanting to buy a higher waisted jean for myself and it fit horribly. My butt looked super long, like a throwback flat butt from the 1970s. The jeans also made my silhouette look lumpy and the fabric was awful. I decided high jeans weren’t my thing because I “didn’t pack much back!” In words of sir mix-a-lot! Well ladies, if you want to look and feel like a bombshell, these Parker Smith Bombshell Skinny in Empire jeans are the perfect fit. They restored my confidence in the high rise jean.

The Parker Smith Bombshell Skinny is a 10.5 inch rise made from body shaping denim that lifts your shape and tucks you in. This denim is designed to give you a smooth shape. I recently had my measurements taken so this may help you decide on what size you will need. My waist is 27 inches; bottom is 33 inches, hips 37 inches, and inseam is a 29. I am wearing a size 29 and it feels fantastic everywhere except the waist. It could be a little tighter for my liking. The wash on the jean is a cooler blue with slight whiskering below the front pockets. The Parker Smith Bombshell Skinny in Empire is a great mid wash. It can be worn day and night.

I have always thought that high waisted or high rise denim was for mom’s and sizes 00 to 4. These Parker Smith Bombshell Skinny break all rules and mak high rise denim for every body type. The Parker Smith Skinny are the best shaping denim I have ever tried on! Don’t miss out get them here now before they sell out!!!

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Hi readers my name is Jessica and I'm a denim addict.....designer denim is my Jam! I have worked in the apparel industry for over 9 years. I've done everything from managing a multi line show room, to buying for speciality boutiques and personal styling. I have always had a passion for fashion. This started at a very young age with my first pair of guess jeans. Then I fell into the Gap and quickly out when designer denim hit the scene. My first pair of designer denim was Paper Denim Cloth. They fit amazing and were so incredibly soft. They are now ripped and frayed but I just can't part with them. I have watched denim brands come and go through the years like an old college buddy you used to party with each pair brings back a memory. They all still hold a place in my heart and closet! :) I'm excited to be reviewing jeans for you and giving you my honest opinion. Keeping it in the real from my closet to yours.