Ripped Jeans For Dudes - YAAAASSS

You might think that ripped clothes belong in the gutter instead of the closet. But who made that rule? Fashion is not about rules, if anything, it’s about breaking the rules. So to all the ripped jeans sceptics, here are some reasons you should be a fan – and some recommendations for when you change your mind!

Because why not? Who cares if your jeans have holes in them? That’s the attitude of ripped jeans: I’m ripped, but I don’t care. This trend is about taking something unusual and making it look good. Just think about it this way: if you can make distressed jeans look good, you can make anything look good – unless they’re yoga pants and you don’t squat.

Curt CobainBecause Kurt Cobain loved them: Ripped jeans became extremely popular in the 1980s and 1990s when Rock N Roll and heavy metal artists like Cobain turned them into a trend. Today, countless celebrities are wearing them, from Kanye West to Adam Levine.

Ripped Jeans For Dudes - YAAAASSS

Because they’re COOL: Literally – the breeze goes right to your legs. Just don’t wear them in winter, you’ll look a tad silly. Joking aside, they are considered a trendy style statement. Hey, if they work for David Beckham, they work for us.

Ripped Jeans For Dudes - YAAAASSS

Because they go with everything: Blazer? Check. Shirt? Check. T-shirt? Check. Sweater? Check. Polo? Check. Of course, it all depends on the level of ripping. Stay away from any massive holes. You don’t want your outfit to spell “homeless.”

Kanye West

Because they’re a sign of resistance: the fact that you’re wearing a torn piece of clothing is resisting traditional ideas of what fashion is. Just remember, if you stick to one mentality and way of thinking, you’ll never try anything new. It’s time to embrace ripped jeans, you rebel you.

Mens ripped jeansKnee rips: These are the best kind of ripped jeans. They’re not too messy and torn just enough to show off the style.

Mens ripped jeansSubtle tears: This look is for those of you who want rips but don’t want to show skin.

Mens ripped jeans The extreme: Another look for fashion risk takers. These can be tricky to pull off. It’s about keeping the rest of the outfit simple.

Mens ripped jeansClassy not flashy: This version is the best choice for newcomers to the trend.

Mens ripped jeansThe white ripped jeans: A must for summer, they’re louder than dark jeans but the rips make them look effortless. And everyone wants effortless in hot summer days.

You can buy ripped jeans for men at PRPS, most of their jeans are distressed and feature different kinds of rips. Another great option is Cult of Individuality, they have some insane vintage and ripped jeans. Joe’s has the Brixton, which feature a more “discreet” kind of destruction, if you prefer them that way.