Style Shiver in Closed Culottes

Ahh culottes…love them or hate them, they made an emergence this year. Mostly the denim kind, but either way, it’s a piece that not everyone dares to attempt to pull off. Some people seem to be naturals and can rock just about anything, but this style has still found its place amongst bloggers and denim fans everywhere. We usually only post about denim, being a denim blog, but we also love whatever other styles or favorite denim brands come up with! Case in point here: blogger Juliane of Style Shiver in CLOSED Culottes! She’s wearing the CLOSED Cotton Linen Vintage Culottes, which are a true boy fit, if you ask me. But Juliane gives them a completely feminine touch with a slouchy sweater (which, again, is tough, since usually it’s good to do fitted on top if you go tight on the bottom, and vice versa), white athletic sneakers and a neutral crossbody bag! She’s a natural!

Shop the CLOSED Linen Vintage Culottes here, but hurry because most are sold out already! I told you, like or not, this style is flying off the shelves!

View Juliane’s Instagram post here, and her blog Style Shiver here.