Tokyo Denim Street LooksI always enjoy checking out these totally insane Tokyo street styles. Nowhere else in the world have I seen as much creativity and “guts” LOL! It kind of takes a lot of courage and self-assurance to carry off such looks. Oh well, maybe not in Harajuko, but certainly in all other cities in the world!

Enjoy some of the recent looks here!

S_youBG is the creative director for The Symbolic Tokyo, and is always stylishly dressed.

This time, he’s wearing a Hyein Seo coat – embroidered with “Antwerp” and a pair of red skulls on the back – over a white t-shirt and hand-decorated denim shorts, both from The Symbolic Tokyo. His black penny loafers painted with white droplets are worn over white socks. Accessories include a red bandanna, dark sunglasses, and various jewelry – including a skull ring, various bracelets, hoop earrings, and necklaces.

Tokyo Denim Street Looks

Ro Setsu is a 20-year-old college student, spotted on Cat Street in Harajuku.

Her look features a blonde twin-tails hairstyle, and she wore a front-laced denim mini dress paired with black suede Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. Her bag choice is a white mesh backpack and her earrings appear to feature Disney princess motifs.

Tokyo Denim Street Looks

Shota works at the Shibuya vintage shop Qosmos. We spotted him wearing a denim outfit on the street in Harajuku.

His jacket is vintage, worn over a Comme des Garcons shirt and vintage jeans. His bag, boots and jewelry are also vintage. We also noticed his partially shaved hairstyle and his glasses.


Yunapon and Kodayu both work at the Omotesando vintage shop Amore Tokyo. Their fun pink-accented looks caught our eye on the street in Shibuya.

Kodayu – on the left with blonde hair and Mickey Mouse ears – is wearing a vintage denim jacket over an H&M polka dot top, a hot pink vinyl skirt from Opening Ceremony, and neon pink Nike Airmax 90 sneakers. Accessories include vintage Chanel earrings, a vintage Gucci backpack, and Barbie nail art. Kodayu’s favorite shop is Amore Tokyo and she loves the music of Koda Kumi.

Yunapon – on the right with twin braids and Mickey Mouse ears – is wearing a vintage denim jacket over a Barbie hoodie, a pink vinyl skirt from American Apparel, and pink Nike Airmax sneakers. Accessories include vintage Chanel earrings, a H&M x Barbie purse, Barbie nail art, and a Barbie x Moschino mirror iPhone case. Yunapon’s favorite shops/brands include Amore Tokyo, Chanel, and Barbie.