Vicunha F/W 2016 - Recreation

This is the third part of Vicunha’s ample Fall/Winter 2016 collection. As I had mentioned before, Vicunha is not a denim brand itself, but a manufacturer of jeans for the denim retailers, like Zara, and tons of others. The images shown here are made especially for their fashion shows and to show what can be done with their denim.

RECREATION is an ode to human evolution that breaks archaic and traditional rules. It embodies the idea of infusing more humor and fun in everyday life. It is a melange of languages that combines the past with future, online with offline, classic with modern. The aesthetics of this trend portray an elegant and contemporary visual. RECREATION explores the world of vintage to break away from traditional attitudes, blends playful elements to break away from formal stitching. It’s fabrics are highly sophisticated in their flat textures and subtle sheens created by different surface finishes combined with graphics that are created from different prints.

The 1960s and 1970s continue to influence fashion. With Neo Vintage RawDenim puts together subtle and bright details like appliqué, blended fabrics, contrasting materials and tonalities. It uses a predominantly discrete color palette occasionally commbined with shiny hues.


Looks with structured and graphic forms are in the spotlight. Embroidery and pleats are placed in unusual spots on blazers, skirts and dresses for a preppy feel.


Classic forms are experimentally shattered. Trousers and overalls with clean silhouettes get an unconventional touch with broad-folded hems and visible seams. Truckers and chinos are stitched with patches and a mix of different fabrics.

Vicunha F/W 2016 - Recreation

Vicunha F/W 2016 - Recreation