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Amber Rose in a Denim Jacket

Amber Rose wore a denim jacket for the promotional event for the S**t Walk {=slut walk}, which will be happening today in downtown Los Angeles. She looked super hot in her black lycra leggings, which she wore with a white graphic tank top. a medium wash denim jacket,  and kick ass high stilettos.

Amber is expected to be joined by 15,000 people on Saturday morning, with many more joining virtually via a live stream.

Walks like the one Amber Rose is holding, have become a worldwide phenomenon which started after a Toronto police officer suggested to college students that if they did not want to be raped they should not dress provocatively.

It has since become a movement to empower women, encourage people to not judge a female how they chose to express their sexuality – also known as “s**t-shaming” – and to also fight back against victim blaming.

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Amber Rose in a Denim Jacket