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BLANKNYC – The Denim Coat

BLANKNYC has come up with a great option for the transition to fall, AND in denim!

It IS absolutely fall already, even though it still feels like summer – at least here, in New York City. And no way are we ready for our heavier wool coats yet, or heavens NO {mad face}, down coats.

This gorgeous BLANKNYC denim coat is really something to go for. Eye-catching, different and outstanding. Kind of so much more attention calling than a mere denim jacket! It is a double-breasted denim trench coat with a waist-cinching belt, just like any classic trench coat. And the price point is a-mazing – $98. That’s far less than you’d pay for any other brand name denim jacket.

Buy the BLANKNYC denim trench coat here.

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BLANKNYC – The Denim Coat
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BLANKNYC – The Denim Coat