“Let’s get to know each other”

LET’S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER – is another of the Closed brand super cool ad campaigns. Remember, they always use “real” people in their campaign, people like you and me,people we can identify with!

So here you get to meet the guys that “make” Closed:

“We’ve been making clothes since 1978 and have been loving what we do ever since then. We’re a family run business. A team of relatives and friends – from design to our manufacturers in Italy. Because life is too short to work with people you don’t like.

We have an insane love for quality. Working with the best materials from denim to chino. Pants is where we came from, but not all that we’re good at. The intention of our design is to evolve organically from our own heritage. This Winter we look back at our history with the “Archive 85” collection – bringing back the iconic denim-styles of Closed from the 80s.

With this collection we want to tell people where we come from and even more important – who we are. That’s why our Autumn /Winter campaign was shot with friends and colleagues. That’s why we produced videos with Closed employees telling us about their very own history and values in life. And that’s why we want to know from our customers who they are. We tend to shop online and even be social online. But that doesn’t mean we all have to be strangers. We think we should get to know each other. We want to make the clothes that people live in. Every day. That’s why we work with quality that lasts, and people you can trust. That’s why we make it modern, yet timeless. And that’s why we think the people who wear Closed should know who are the people that make Closed.”

“Meet Bent”

“Meet Brittney”

“Meet Amelie”

“Meet Roel”