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Denim Expo – Third Edition November 11-12th

Hundreds of retailers, fashion designers, denim fabric makers will convene in Bangladesh to participate in the third edition of the Denim Expo, due to be held at Bashundhara International Convention City in Dhaka on November 11-12. A total of 41 companies will showcase their products at the exposition, up from the previous edition’s 25, according to Mostafiz Uddin, the founder of the Denim Expo.

Of the participants, 27 are from abroad, from countries such as China, India, Pakistan, the US, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Germany. The response from international retailers has been so amazing that they are facing difficulties in getting hotel rooms for them during the denim fair next month, said Mostafiz Uddin, managing director of the Chittagong-based Denim Expert Ltd.

He said that even five to six years ago, the retailers did not know of Bangladesh’s potential in denim. Bangladesh has become a major sourcing hub for trendy denim products for international retailers for its competitive pricing.

One of the reasons for Bangladesh’s rising popularity as a source for denim products is that China, the world’s largest denim supplier, has became dearer for its higher costs of production, he said.

Bangladeshi entrepreneurs supply denim products to retailers such as H&M, Uniqlo, Levi’s, Nike, Tesco, Wrangler, s.Oliver, Hugo Boss, Puma, Primark and JC Penney. Recently, denim makers have also started shipping to some new destinations: China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Russia.

According to the US Department of Commerce, currently, Bangladesh is the third largest denim exporter to the US, after Mexico and China, with an 11.3 percent market share.