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Denim Fair in Dhaka Starts Tomorrow

The fourth edition of the expo by Bangladesh, “Denim Playground Dhaka”, will kick off in the capital tomorrow, October 7th, to highlight the spirit of sportsmanship and love of denim.

The two-day event, at the Radisson Blu hotel, will showcase denim based fashion by participants from all over the world. Nearly 28 companies are joining this invite only event, which focuses on bringing buyers to Bangladesh.

Fashionim, a fashion event for denim connoisseurs, will be sponsored by three exhibitors: Envoy Group from Bangladesh, Vicunha from Brazil, and Bhaskar Group from India.

“Bangladesh has created a significant position in the denim market as an important catalyst. Today we are the biggest exporter to the European market,” said Sandeep Agarwal, owner of Denim Jeans Bangladesh.

“Bangladesh still has a wide scope to enter markets in India, China, Latin America, and USA, and no other country has the strength, resources, production volumes and economies of scale that Bangladesh can offer to denim buyers”, he added.

In the last edition of the event, companies such as Tesco, Tom Tailor, Uniqlo, Walmart, Esprit, Hermes and Levi Strauss and Co participated, as well as Sainsbury’s, Target, Perry Ellis, Marks and Spencer and Kmart.

Denim Fair in Dhaka Starts Tomorrow