Etienne Marcel at RPM Melbourne

Everyone here at Denimology is so excited to bring you more of a brand we’ve all had our eyes on for awhile…Etienne Marcel! This Los Angeles company launched in 2011 and is already a fan of several celebrities and bloggers. Their effortlessly chic style is an art form in my eyes…the company offers Japanese denim in rare fits, unique washes and they first caught my personal eye when I noticed their skinny jeans with cute contrasting zippers at the ankles! They are making waves worldwide, far away from Los Angeles, as we can see after spotting Etienne Marcel at RPM Melbourne on Instagram. This particular post featured their Signature Skinny Side Zip Denim in Black. This classic black skinny jean features what I was talking about…a super chic contrasting red zipper at the ankles! The Australian boutique paired this piece with black flats, a black bag, white blouse and black blazer for a polished menswear look.

Shop the Etienne Marcel Signature Skinny Side Zip Denim in Black here.