distressed jeans
Hailey Baldwin – Doing Distressed Jeans Just Right

She is officially the epitome of effortless style. Hailey Baldwin wore distressed jeans while out and about and hits all sorts of tattered denim goals. Not only did she look cooler than cool, she also nailed fall style, pairing the pants with boots and an oversized olive green tee. I’ll have what she’s wearing, please and thank you.

The ripped jeans look is hard to pull off. Sometimes it can be too overdone where you’ve got more holes than actual jeans, and other times there’s one tiny hole by your knee that makes the rip seem accidental rather than intentional. But, Hailey managed to get the look just right with her pair. The look is not too much, not too little, but somewhere right in the middle. She’s the Goldilocks of this whole distressed denim thing, apparently.

When it comes to laid-back style, the woman does no wrong. From making anklets popular again to knowing just how to style an oversized tee, she nails a “cooler than you” kind of vibe every single time. Check out her latest outfit, and then see other times her looks have been totally worth envying.

And now, let the hunt for the perfect jeans begin because you’re going to want to snag this look.

trashed jeans
Hailey Baldwin – Doing Distressed Jeans Just Right

{source Glamour Magazine UK}