Joes Jeans Brixton Premium Collection Edition jeans

Raw denim has seemingly taken over my world so I always feel a bit refreshed when I get a nice soft distressed pair of jeans to review. Enter, the Joe’s Brixton jeans.

Joe’s has been a go-to brand for quite some time now and it seems like they are constantly trying to update their fits, washes and offerings in their men’s line. Part of a new showing by Joe’s is the Collector’s Edition. Basically a collection of vintage type jeans and shirts that appear to have been worn in, lived in and just beat up for years. All of the jeans in the  Collector’s Edition are the Brixton fit which is described as Straight and Narrow, as well as a fan favorite fit. The Joe’s Brixton jeans in this review check all of the boxes above.

What I noticed immediately is that Joe’s was pretty spot on with achieving the “worn-in” look with the Premium Vintage Collector’s Edition jeans. I would say this resembles a nice 3 year worn in look. The nice sharp whiskering around the top panel and spider web fades around the knees give an authentic visual  while below the knee still keeps the nice soft blue effect. Some brands take the fading the full length of the leg which destroys the illusion that you broken the jeans in yourself. Joe’sseemed to maintain restraint when fading and distressing the Joe’s Brixton jeans.

The largest rip comes on just one knee and not in the form of a gaping hole. However, because of the position, I had to be careful each time I pulled on the legs because my toes quickly made the hole just a bit larger. Aside from that, some smaller more subtle rips and tears are sprinkled along the front pockets and thighs all keeping with the facade that I actually have worn this pair hard for the past couple years. Again, in a world of dark raw denim, sometimes I just don’t want to put in the work to achieve the perfect fade and Joe’s helps alleviate the stress with this new collection.

As for the fit, it would be what you expect from a straight fit pair of jeans. I was expecting a bit more of a slim straight fit, since they are classified as “Straight+Narrow”, but at my normal size (32” waist) it was just a straight fit. Which is absolutely perfect for those who are looking for straight fit but since many of my jeans are skinnier or slimmer, I found these to be quite roomy. Perhaps jumping down a size would have given me a slimmer straight fit. However, I still took advantage of the “non-skinny” fit and found these to be extremely comfortable to wear on the weekends paired with my Converse. What helps with the comfort is the extremely soft hand of the denim. I know we on Denimology always seem to be talking about the softness of denim, but it really makes a difference with how you experience jeans. In the words of Goldilocks – just as with the fading – the Joe’s Brixton jeans are “Just right”.

As a casualty of the softness, I did find that these jeans tended to stretch out a bit – especially around the knees – through multiple wears. Combined with the straighter cut of the legs, the unavoidable stretching created a wider appearance in the legs than I would’ve liked. Perhaps this could have been avoided if I did size down one size to a 31” waist. One other note of importance, the jeans come in a standard length of 34″. I would have preferred them to be much shorter, again, when combined with the straight leg, too much length tends to push things toward sloppy and not slouchy.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for an updated straight leg cut with a worn in look, take a look at the Joe’s Brixton jeans. Go a size down if you want a slimmer look or stay at your normal size and maintain the straight leg fit. Just be careful when pulling on the legs so you don’t rip your foot through the leg.

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Joes Jeans Brixton Premium Collection Edition jeans