Joe's Work Wear Slim Fit Trouser Jean in Nels Review - Front view

This is my first review for Denimology. My name is Patrick, I’m a California boy now living in Portland, OR. I have a passion for design and fashion, and have worked in the creative field for over 25 years. When I’m not taking pictures, dancing, or riding roller coasters you can usually find me in the outdoors enjoy the Oregon wilderness. I have a slightly askew quirky style, I like to keep it fun and witty. Lets get onto my Joe’s Work Wear Slim Fit Trouser Jean in Nels review.

At first look on-line I thought, these Joe’s Work Wear Slim Fit Trouser Jean in Nels are cool. When they arrived in a shiny black box, I opened them up and was completely surprised. These jeans are great ! Right off the bat I was drawn to the material of the pants. Its a heavyweight burlap style cotton twill denim that harkens back to the days of Os Koosh Bigosh. it has a great vintage feel and slight stiffness to it, and the color is a classic vintage primary railroad blue with uneven coal smudges to add a worn look and feel.

These trouser jeans have a nice fit. The silhouette is slender, but they never feel tight for my size 31 inch waist and average body type. They also felt very true to size. The inseam of the jeans are long, around 34 inches which creates a little puddling at the ankles. For having a slightly heavier weight to the denim, the are surprisingly easy to move in and are very comfortable. I personally really like the trouser slant pocket, I can easily slide my hands or phone into the deep front pockets. The back pockets are not a patch pocket but smooth with reverse stitching. They have a nice pocket overlap detail to help keep your wallet and items safely in place and defines your bum nicely.

Joe's Work Wear Slim Fit Trouser Jean in Nels Review - Back view

One of the coolest but subtle details of these jeans are the outside seam of the legs. Its a 2 inch panel of the same material sewn in to create a sort of tuxedo stripe. I didn’t really notice them in the picture on-line, and they are subtle when wearing the pants, but they make me feel really cool like Han Solo. what a clever detail that’s very inventive and sly.

Of course Joe’s has done a great job on other details as well. Re-enforced Button fly, wide belt loops, 3D wrinkling near the crotch and on the back of the legs to give them a worn in look, and a comfortable but fashionable mid-rise. To add to the trouser feel, there are adjustable button tabs along the hip line that give these trousers a sophisticated haberdashery feel to them.

I chose to pair these trousers with sneakers and a graphic t-shirt but you could easily dress them up with any kind of printed button down and a nice pair of boots for a more professional dressed up look. Either way, these Joe’s Work Wear Slim Fit Trouser Jean in Nels are a great pair of pants that can be worn casually or dressed up. I have a lot of fun in these pants and get a lot of compliments on the color of the material and details Joe’s incorporated.

The Joe’s Work Wear Slim Fit Trouser Jean in Nels are available here.