skinny jeans, medium blue jeans
Kristen Stewart Wearing Skinny Jeans

Kristen Stewart was spotted walking around the set of the Untitled Woody Allen Project, in  New York City.

I swear, this is about the 200th time Kristen is snapped in her beloved skinnies. Be it in a medium blue wash, like here, or black, or a grey wash… She always wears them paired with her sneakers, preferably Adidas Superstar, like here, or maybe some Converse or Van’s. And she always wears the jeans with the hem rolled up at the ankles.

Sure, sometimes we have seen her in a pair of boyfriend jeans, or slightly baggy jeans, but still. Kristen for me is the poster child of the “Miss Skinny Jean”! I’m just curious how Kristen would “handle” a pair of flares or culottes!?

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