Good day my fellow Denimologists!

What more can I say about PRPS that has not already been said through other reviews? Donwan Harrell, the fashion genius behind PRPS, and his worldly network of manufacturers and crafters continue to elevate the bar in the denim industry. In the case of the PRPS Demon Selvedge Raw Jeans, they took their foot off the proverbial innovation pedal to produce a classic pair of denim jeans.

“Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold!” The timeless quote from S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders rang in my head as I first laid eyes on my pair of Demon Raw jeans.  If PRPS was around during Francis Ford Coppola’s 1983 movie adaptation of the book, there’s no doubt in my mind that the “Bruised, Never Broken” Greasers would all be rocking the best that Donwan and PRPS has to offer. It is this book and movie that inspired my photoshoot for these jeans.

Do not mistake me labeling the PRPS Demon Selvedge Raw Jeans as classic with simple because these jeans are far from it.  As expected with PRPS, no detail was left untouched.  The original custom purple selvedge fabrication was developed out of the Kuroki Mill in Japan. Twelve ounces of narrow clean finished and singed indigo Japanese selvedge denim was then cut to the specifications of one of PRPS’s four standard fits; the Demon cut is a mid-rise, slim tapered fit. My size 34 Demon Raw jeans measurements came in at 16 ½ inch at the knee with a 16 inch leg opening and a 10 ¼ inch front rise. The 34 ½ inch inseam provides plenty of leg for the wearer to rock cuffs or stack the leg above the shoes.  I prefer the cuffed look with these jeans and enjoy subtly exposing the selvedge trim running along the cuff.  After completing my inspection inside and out, I could not find a single loose stich or thread anywhere on the jeans. Stitching is reinforced in all the necessary stress points and maintain clean lines and symmetry. The wearer can secretly feel like a bad ass knowing the inside pocket linings are reinforced brown camouflage. After all, who does not feel a little more confident in camo?  The signature folded and reinforced back pockets highlight an otherwise clean back rise. The three major details on the back side get progressively harder to find; it starts with a hand stained and sun dried deer hide leather PRPS patch above the right back pocket, leads to a zig-zag stitch securing a little purple flag beneath the same pocket and finishes with a hidden selvedge trim behind the center back belt loop.  Although these Demon Selvedge Raw Jeans are not washed down and distressed like most of the jeans PRSP is known for, the craftsmanship and detail work we expect from exudes throughout these jeans.


Before I conducted my field test I felt compelled to make this pair of jeans my own. My first wear was right out of the box and the jeans were slightly rigid, as expected with raw denim. So I turned them inside-out and cold-washed them and hang-dried them. PRPS provides a guide sticker that recommends how the jeans should be washed alone and I am glad I followed the directions. There was a slight bleeding of the indigo dye. No light colored clothing was harmed in this wash! During my night out around Portland, I was very pleased with my maneuverability and the functionality of my jeans.  I usually struggle with range of motion while breaking in a pair of slim fit jeans; this was not so in my Demons.  I felt very comfortable standing, sitting on bar stools, grooving to the music or even sitting cross-legged on the floor. The Demon Raw jeans have standard depth front and rear pockets but still provide plenty of room to store my standard gear: phone, keys, wallet, gum, Dubs earplugs and my GoPro. This pair of PRPS passed my field test with flying colors and hang in my closet, waiting for our next adventure!

What it boils down to is that PRPS constructed a versatile pair of raw Japanese selvedge denim jeans that are capable of being worn on any night out, paired with a blazer for a special occasion, or to the next Socs/Greaser rumble! Ultimately, the Demon Selvedge Raw Jeans are built for the rigors of everyday life.

The PRPS Demon Selvedge Raw Jeans are available here.