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Rita Ora in a Denim Jumpsuit

Rita Ora loves to leave us scratching our heads in confusion with her outrageous fashion choices – and her latest airport attire tops the lot.

The blonde beauty landed in Heathrow, London, this weekend, following a trip to Hong Kong, and looked ready for bed, or just coming out of a bed.

Wearing a long denim robe-like onesie, or, if you prefer, denim jumpsuit, a printed t-shirt, baseball cap, and Adidas Superstar sneakers, she was dressed totally comfortable for the long-haul flight. Assuming, of course, that she had spent the flight in a 1st class sleeping department on the plane LOL! And then forgot to change to some regular “going-out” attire!

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long sleeve denim overalls
Rita Ora in a Denim Jumpsuit