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STRÖM – The Woven Jogger Pants

The STRÖM brand Jogger pant is a very interesting alternative if you want to sway away a bit from the denim, but still cannot, and want not, and no way give up on your denim altogether! They are a chic textured, naturally aged, and tailored canvas workwear jogger pant with exposed button fly and adjustable back buckle.

These Jogger pants have the feel of denim, they are made to look like a sweatpant, but are so much more elegant. You can wear them out the same way you would wear a pair of dark wash jeans. It all depends on what you wear them with. Choose a pair of high stiletto booties, or platforms, add a black silk button down shirt and a tuxedo jacket, and boy, will you ROCK!

Available now at Nordstrom.

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STRÖM – The Woven Jogger Pants
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STRÖM – The Woven Jogger Pants