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Triarchy – Saddles, Motorbikes and Denim

We all know that Triarchy is not just about denim, but a lifestyle brand, built on the foundation of three siblings raised on adventure.

Their passions eventually settled unto motorbikes, horseback riding and travel, or, better still, exploring. Denim came into play because it is what the trio lived in while they followed their passions, and they still do.

The youngest of the three siblings, Ania, is the horse expert of the three and she has begun designing custom English Riding Saddles for the brand.  And this, besides being the muse for the women’s line, which Adam, her middle brother, designs.

As I had mentioned several times already, I had the pleasure of personally meeting Ania and Adam, two of the siblings, here in New York City. I have been constantly impressed by their creativity and, especially, by their passion for everything that they do. So it’s no surprise, that Ania has come up with yet another “pet” object, designing saddles. Shown here, is her latest creation, a saddle bag named “The Outlander.”

The bag is detachable, and to accompany the saddle, are Triarchy’s perfect pair of riding jeans inspired by Ania, designed by Adam. The saddles are designed for the rider who occasionally takes to the trails and might need some provisions to keep them going, hence the beautiful detachable saddle bag that can also be used as a messenger bag.

We’ve posted before about eldest brother, Mark’s, custom-made motorbikes for the brand, and we absolutely believe that this designer-adventurer trio is bound to come up with a lot of more rad designs and creations.

You can read more about Triarchy, and buy their jeans on their website.

jeans for riding, motorcycles, saddle bags
Triarchy – Saddles, Motorbikes and Denim
jeans women
Triarchy – Saddles, Motorbikes and Denim
denim for horse riding
Triarchy – Saddles, Motorbikes and Denim