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Tyra Banks in Parker Smith Jeans

Stylish and sexy, no, make that BOMBSHELL sexy, Tyra Banks wore Parker Smith jeans two days in a row on her show, “The FAB Life” (fun and beautiful).

The supermodel and chief stylist on the show, chose the Ava Skinny in Eternal Black and the Bombshell in Empire skinny jeans. By the look of the images, she felt very comfortable and self confident in her jeans. They fitted her like a glove, but did in no way hinder her movements, including her (very) stretched legs.

This is something to be pointed out, as normally, there is a limit of how much you can stretch in a pair of jeans, no matter with how much Elastan or the like they have been made with. And this is also one of the main reasons we love the Parker Smith jeans. They are absolutely comfy, even in their most skinny fits, and they still feel like “real” denim, and not like some stretchy gummy spandex pants.

Both, the Ava Skinny, and the Bombshell, are available on the Parker Smith website.

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Tyra Banks in Parker Smith Jeans
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Tyra Banks in Parker Smith Jeans