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Denimocracy – The 50’s Straight in We Fest

As we are now totally into any kind of retro fashion, we thought that this pair of  Denimocracy straight leg jean is a perfect example of the good old 50’s.

Play up that classic Americana style with the 50’s Straight. Slightly cropped and washed down, this awesome straight leg is a necessary addition to your denim arsenal.

I would say that they are more of a straight leg with a tiny bit of a flare, very easy to “work” with. You can dress them up or down for any kind of situation. They are in a way even more fun to dress up than regular skinnies, because of the cropped length and wider ankle cuffs. Perfect “excuse” to show off your shoes – choose a pair of  booties, hi top sneakers or stilettos, as shown here. Very visible and you can take advantage of this option to show off your newest Loubous, or Nike’s or Platform heels!

The Denimocracy 50’s Straight in We Fest jean is available on their website.

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Denimocracy – The 50’s Straight in We Fest