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Introducing HEMP BLUE

Introducing HEMP BLUE

There is a new denim kid in town! Introducing HEMP BLUE! HEMP BLUE just made it’s debut on Kickstarter today, November 5th 2015, asking for your support. The American premium hemp denim brand, based in L.A., makes environmentally conscious clothing for a cause: the legalization of industrial hemp farming in the USA!

The new label wants to help bringing back agricultural hemp as a sustainable resource in the United States.
So, why hemp? Well, hemp is one of the most versatile and sustainable crops man has ever grown. It grows without herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers and pesticide, and uses very little water to grow and process. Furthermore, hemp can remove pesticides, toxins, heavy metals and crude oil from the soil. It can heal the earth while simultaneously offering over 20,000 commercial and industrial applications.

What’s better about hemp denim? Hemp fabric is softer, stronger and more durable than cotton.
It is naturally mold, fungus, and UV resistant. Washing hemp makes it softer without undermining the fabric’s strength.

Hemp Blue founders Robin Lane and Derek Thomas, teamed up with renowned denim designer Alfredo Settimio, who brought his extensive background in the fashion industry and his passion for detail to the brand, creating the contemporary look and classic feel for Hemp Blue. Every element for their collection is thoughtfully chosen; from the fabrics, washes, trim, stitching and colors, to the label designs, buttons and packaging – all branded with the symbol of the hemp leaf.

So if you want to try Hemp Blue denim check out their Kickstarter campaign and support the brand for their first production run. The campaign runs for 30 days. Shirts and jeans for men and women will start at $95. The first 100 backers get an early bird special for $85!