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Irina Shayk For Replay

Replay came out with yet another of their super famous stretch jeans, first it was the Hyperflex, and now it is the Hyperskin – made for you to use doing all your exercises and “contortions” you need to do in your daily life. Mainly, in your gym/yoga class!

In a promotional video for the launch, Irina Shayk wears the spray-on jeans and a white low-cut tank top that accentuates her womanly curves, as she strides into a gym and performs a series of graceful, aerobic stretches to Shubert’s ‘Ave Maria’.

Other women stare at her in awe but as they do, their heads suddenly explode into a fountain of rose petals, while the beauty says in a seductive tone: “You can’t live forever, you can’t go faster than the speed of light. And you can’t, work out in jeans. Introducing a fundamental change in the universe, jeans you can work out in.”

The Russian beauty then shows the new jeans in action.

Watch the ad campaign video below.

The Hyperskin pants are described as “hyper natural, hyper light and hyper elastic” and come in two styles for women: a super skinny five-pocket style and a jegging, yoga pant-style, both featuring an extremely adherent fit from the hip down and a snug push-up bottom effect.

Athleisurewear fans rejoice!