Joe's Jeans The Original Slouch Slim Denim in Satoru - front view

Joe’s Jeans is taking us to Japan with this great new pair of denim. Read on for my Joe’s Jeans The Original Slouch Slim Denim in Satoru review.  I have to say, these jeans really grew on me. Not being a huge fan of “slim jeans” I was reluctant at first. What I discovered was that not only does the denim feel great, but the fit is a crazy hybrid that actually wears the way I want a slim jean to fit.

Joe’s Jeans has created a interesting fit with these Original slouch slim jeans. I found that the fit for my 31 inch waste and 31 inch inseam was a little loose and the length long, which I personally like. The coolest thing about the fit is the cross between relaxed rise from waste to thigh which is meant to be worn low on the hips, then a nice slim taper to the leg opening. The lower part of the leg gets pretty skinny, so a low profile boot or shoe works best. They have incorporated a V-dart in the crotch to help support the material to prevent sagging, which offers a nice transition to the thighs. the seat of the jeans are also relaxed. I find these jeans to be non-constricting, where some skinny jeans don’t offer as much comfort to move. the extra length in the inseam gives you the option to cuff your legs if desired.

Joe's Jeans The Original Slouch Slim Denim in Satoru - side crop

Made of Japanese denim that has a small percentage of stretch, the hand of this denim is soft and luxurious. There are great details, such as whiskering at the crotch and thighs, double stitched leg seams and nice deep pockets. The medium dark blue finish goes well with everything, and the grinding and tinting touches add a nice, edgy well worn look without being overly distressed. This Japanese denim feels amazing, and continues to get softer after each wash. Very little color is lost when laundering, but I recommend following the washing instructions the first time around.

Joe’s Jeans gives you the best of both worlds in these jeans. I enjoy the more relaxed feeling up top, but I get a really slim tapered leg from the knee down which works great for most modern men’s looks.

What I like best about these Joe’s Jeans The Original Slouch Slim Denim  is not only the high quality of denim, but also the fit. This hybrid of a jean offers comfort, mobility, with a relaxed feeling of luxury that the Japanese denim offers. These Jeans take minute to get used to, but if you’re looking for a pair of high end Japanese denim and you want a slim leg with a relaxed waist, then these jeans are definitely for you.

Get your Joe’s Jeans The Original Slouch Slim Denim in Satoru here.