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Justin Bieber in Trashed Ankle Zip Jeans

Justin Bieber was snapped as he arrived at The Nice Guy and Hyde night club. He was dressed in his usual attire of trashed jeans and a t-shirt. Justin really is into the bad boy vibe when choosing his denim (and not only when it comes to denim LOL!).

Justin jeans are shredded to a point where they even show the inside of the jeans pocket. They also feature a zipper along the inside of the legs. We have not seen a lot of men’s jeans with ankle zippers, and we really like this option. What do you think? Would you wear jeans with ankle zippers?

We found a pair of ankle zip jeans for dudes here.

trashed jeans, shredded jeans
Justin Bieber in Trashed Ankle Zip Jeans


  1. He’s got some kind of deal with Fear of God. If you’re into men’s Streetwear, they are a top dog brand.

    • Yep, I think you are right! He’s been spotted in Fear of God for quite a few times already….

  2. I have a thing for ankle zip jeans, and they are hard to find for guys, so i get some sewn on my regular skinny jeans.

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