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Karlie Kloss in CLOSED Jeans

Karlie Kloss was seen strolling in the West Village neighborhood of New York City.

She looked really cool in her CLOSED cropped pedal pusher jeans, which she wore with a long beige tweed coat that fell to just below her knees and featured navy blue buttons. Karlie added a navy blue form fitting sweater and a pair of black Repetto ballet flats to complete her look.

Karlie’s jeans are from the German CLOSED brand. The pedal pusher jeans are an icon, the trademark jean of the brand. Karlie’s version is a cropped skinny style that sits right at the waist. Kinda cropped – actually – she’s about 6 feet tall! So for us “shorter” ladies, these jeans are more like an ankle length LOL!

You can purchase the CLOSED pedal pusher jeans on their website.

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Karlie Kloss in CLOSED Jeans


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