vintage jeans, ripped jeans
Kylie Jenner in RE/DONE Levi’s Jeans

Kylie Jenner bared a bit of her midriff in a high waist vintage mom’s jean. She was snapped leavingย  the Pier 59 in New York, where she took part in some photo shoots.

Her jeans are a pair of high waist RE/DONE Levi’s vintage babies. They are a mom’s jean style, cropped, and featuring rips and holes at the knees.

We love how she paired her jeans with a grey cropped top and a matching grey/silver – super dramatic – coat. This coat reminds me of some old Disney movies, where the wicked queens loved to use coats like this LOL!

Vintage Levi’s jeans are a must have staple in any denim lover’s closet. RE/DONE has partnered with Levi’s to create the most fab unique styles, and you can buy them at Barney’s.

high waist jeans, mom's jeans, cropped jeans
Kylie Jenner in RE/DONE Levi’s Jeans