shredded jeans, black jeans
Nicole Scherzinger in Trashed Black Jeans

Nicole Scherzinger was spotted in a pair of racy, very sexy, skinny jeans as she strutted to the Radio One studio to promote her new show “Bring the Noise”. The attention-catching sparkly jeans exposed Nicole’s legs with rips that spanned from her upper thighs to her ankles. A pair of towering black stilettos accentuated the long-legged show star’s sculpted physique, and her loose fitting white shirt, buttoned both at the back & the front, added a touch of sophistication

Nicole’s jeans are a bit too over for my taste, especially with the double effect of sparkling insets and symmetrical rips. I always like to avoid anything that’s like “too much”. But I guess, Nicole being Nicole, anything goes! πŸ˜‰

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trashed jeans, ripped jeans
Nicole Scherzinger in Trashed Black Jeans