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Volkswagen Launches Denim Beetle

Drive this showing off your much loved jeans LOL

After showing a preview concept at the New York Auto Show earlier this year, Volkswagen presented the Beetle Denim model, now in full production form. It’s a convertible model that made its debut in Los Angeles.

Do you like jeans? Of course you do, because there’s a pair for every body type. The indigo color hides the dirt, the fabric is durable, and it goes with everything. That’s why everybody owns a pair, but very few people are going to have denim on their car.

Inspired by the 1970’s Beetle Jeans model, Volkswagen changed a Beetle convertible and made the ultimate fashion statement. Set to arrive in dealerships early next year, the model is finished in either Pure White or Stonewashed Blue paint and features a Dark Blue soft top that has a special textured fabric resembling denim.

While the roof is not a perfect likeness, the interior is. The seats are spectacular, combining dark blue leather for the corners and headrests with denim for the middle and side. It looks a bit like a pair of spandex leggings, so it’s not all that manly. But that’s alright for a Beetle convertible I guess.

Just in case their girlfriends force them to buy this car, Volkswagen also thought about the needs of its male customers. For them, the dashboard is covered in brushed metal, and you also get a leather sports steering wheel.

A 6-speed DSG gearbox comes standard on the model and it’s connected to a 1.8-liter from the third generation of TSI turbocharged engines. It’s rated at 170 horsepower and 184 lb-ft (250 Nm) of torque. While it still takes 13 seconds to put the top down, the 3206-pound convertible scoots from 0 to 60 mph in 7.7 seconds.

Production will be limited strictly to 2,000 cars. Since Volkswagen describes the Denim edition as a “value model,” expect prices to start at around $28,000.


denim Volkswagen
Volkswagen Launches Denim Beetle
denim interior
Volkswagen Launches Denim Beetle
denim seats
Volkswagen Launches Denim Beetle
limited edition denim Volkswagen
Volkswagen Launches Denim Beetle
denim details
Volkswagen Launches Denim Beetle