STRÖM Kille Selvedge Slouch Denim Reivew Full Front

Happy Holidays denim lovers! I am back with another amazing jean that you need to add to your closet. These STRÖM Kille Selvedge Slouch in Ray are out of this world.  The fit is sophisticated and cool. I love the way they fit in the back and the crotch is not overly dropped. It can be dressed up or down in an ankle boot, flats or pumps. These jeans are versatile and just plain cool. The fit is true to size. I could have gone up a size if I wanted them to look sloppier and more boyfriend. The front it 10″ and inseam is 33″. They are a perfect fit I am 5’9″ and wearing a size 29.  They have cool distressing in the front and some whickering in the back.

Here is why I was so excited to try these jeans. I started really getting interested in raw denim and selvedge denim when I first started specializing in denim buying. I had a really hard time finding selvedge denim that was priced under $500.00 USD. The ones I found were stiff, modeled after men’s wear, and didn’t have much character to the jean. The STRÖM Kille Selvedge Slouch in Ray is the best of both worlds it is priced great and will give you an edgy look, quality fabric, and fits amazingly.

STRÖM Kille Selvedge Slouch Denim Review Full Back

STRÖM is Swedish/American denim that is produced in the USA! STRÖM is designed to become a piece of you they manufacture denim using original looming techniques. I am a savage for selvedge denim this denim will work with you, grow old with you and keep you looking on trend.  If you are a true denim aficionado or want to look like one you have to add these STRÖM Kille Selvedge Slouch in Ray to your denim catalog.

Here is some stuff you should know about selvedge denim so you too can be a smarty-pants. Before the 1950’s most fabrics were made using shuttle looms. These looms produce tightly woven strips of heavy fabric and the edges on the fabric were finished with tightly woven bands to prevent, fraying raveling or curling. Denim made from these looms was referred to as having a “self-edge,” and thus the name “selvedge” denim was born. Most jeans on the market now are made from projectile looms that produce a wider fabric at a cheaper price than shuttle looms. This has resulted in the unsightly bottom of the jean fray these fabrics just don’t stand the test of time.

Denim lovers get confused that Selvedge denim and raw denim are the same. They are not raw denim refers to the lack of prewashing and selvedge refers to the edge in the denim.  The STRÖM jeans are prewashed so you don’t have to worry about the color drastically fading. There are so many benefits to buying selvedge jeans. One of the benefits is the STRÖM Kille Selvedge Slouch are made in the good old US of A! The selvedge edge will help them hold up for years or even decades and if they rip or wear in places you don’t want them to you can patch them up and put right back in your regular denim rotation.

Most importantly STRÖM Kille Selvedge Slouch in Ray looks amazing. These Kille Selvedge Slouch in Ray are an investment that will last decades.  Get your smarty-pants on and don’t miss out grab your pair here!

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