vegan leather jacket

With winter almost upon us, we will be seeing a maze of black, dark greys and anything that’s a dull color 🙁
Let’s add a bit of “sunshine”, at least, to our wardrobe!

BLANKNYC has an insane variety of vegan leather jackets in their fall and winter collection, and we picked the bright pink Silicone Valley jacket for exactly above mentioned reason. This jacket is perfect to wear in the warmer California winter weather layered over a sweatshirt or a cable knit sweater. And if you live in a place where it gets really cold, like minus degrees cold, you can layer this jacket under your down coat, and when you are inside somewhere, you will be so totally eye-catching in this pink biker baby when you shed your coat.

And if you are not exactly a “pink person”, then you still have the option to choose a bright blue, or even a more sedate yellow.

Let us know which color you prefer! Yours truly, as I am a total denim geek, I am so absolutely going for the pink to add a splash of color to my blacks an blues {Jeans, of course!}!

The BLANKNYC Silicon Valley jacket is available in the pink – here, the blue – here, and the yellow – here. And if you really don’t want too much attention, oh well, there is the option of a beige jacket as well!

biker jacket

motorcycle jacket