Cult of Individuality Zen Moto Midrise Jeans- full front view

Hello there my fellow denim fiends! Its been a short while since my last review but I’m back and this time I’m even more excited because Ill be reviewing a pair of jeans from Cult of Individuality; my first pair ever for that matter! Denimology is no stranger to featuring and reviewing this amazing brand, but for those of you who need a quick little recap; Cult of Individuality is an LA designed denim line thats been around since 2009, their sole mission is to create  sexy, unique, innovative jeans with tons of attitude and edge. This brand is all about the workmanship, the treatments, and the quality. They offer a wide selection of denim for the rebellious spirit in all of us, and  both men and women alike can join in on the “cult”. If you care to know a little more about the brand and its founder, Ron Poisson, then I would highly recommend you check out the designer Q&A article we posted back in August here (some really great insight that will help convey the company’s  spirit and motto). So without stalling any further I give you Cult of Individuality’s Zen Moto Midrise skinny in Vintage Black review.

When asked to pick a pair for my review, I was stuck! This was one crazy hard decision to make! Literally every single pair of jeans on the company’s website had me questioning my life..ok, so I’m exaggerating, but seriously you’ll see what I mean once you check them out. So many fits to pick from, and so many cool washes and treatments available, I could’ve gone any which way but “the Cult” had me really “feeling the moto’s”! Which is why I couldn’t resist The Zen Moto Midrise skinny in the Vintage Black wash.  These jeans are a perfect black stretch denim fabric made up of 89% Cotton, 8% Polyester, & 3% Spandex. Its a nice dark black wash with very subtle whiskers, fading and rips throughout the hips, thigh and knee area.  A very versatile, good looking, not to mention extremely comfortable pair of jeans with some great details and plenty of edge. When it came down to the fit, I was a bit uncertain on the size to select (a recurring issue with me, since im always in between a 25 and 26). However, after reviewing the brands specs and fit guide provided on their website I went ahead and got a size 26. When I put these bad boys on it was “almost” a perfect fit! The reason why I say “almost” simply goes back to preference, as I wore these jeans throughout the day, they started to “grow” and loosened up quite a  bit (as most stretch denim does) and this doesn’t necessarily make this a bad thing, Like I said, “it goes back to preference.” These jeans loosened up to the point where it was just a tad bit relaxed, but being that I prefer a more snug and tight fitting pair I decided to exchange these for a size 25 instead, and voila! Problem solved! Ordering a size down was the best thing for me to do (especially for my petite frame) With that being said these jeans are so “freakin” awesome that I plan on wearing them to sleep, to the gym, to the moon and back! These have instantly turned into my “ride or die jeans”, and I can see why they are some of Cult of Individuality‘s best selling pair.

Cult of Individuality Zen Moto Midrise Jeans- full back view

The Zen Moto Midrise Skinny Jeans in Vintage Black are perfect pair for this fall/ winter season. These jeans are so versatile, that you can easily rock them with anything that needs that extra edge. Pair these with a pretty feminine blouse and strappy heals for that rocker chic vibe, or go all the way and make these super badass with your favorite vintage tee, studded belt, combat boots, and leather jacket!  The only thing you’ll be missing now is the motorcycle and a Cult of individuality logo tattoo!

You can buy the Zen Moto Midrise Skinny jeans in Vintage black here.

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