Day In My Dreams in Parker Smith Again

The jogger was a smart move by denim brands everywhere as a response to the athleisure trend this year. Sweatpants and athletic apparel always had the potential to move into the daywear (or even nightwear) category, and many brands created even softer versions of their existing denim lines to capitalize on the fast growing trend and stay afloat. Some brands, like Parker Smith, branched out and created not-so-denim versions of the jogger, which opened up a whole new range of possibilities. We spotted Kristina of Day In My Dreams in Parker Smith again, after she’s been seen in the jogger in Indigo Dip twice already (see posts here and here). This piece was also featured in a styled up outfit post by Tatiana of We Shop In Heels (see here). This time, however, Kristina is showing off the Parker Smith Wide Leg Jogger in Wax On, in a perfectly pretty minimalistic look with nothing more than an oversized grey sweater and black watch. These are made from denim tencel and coated for an ultra chic appeal! No matter what she does, Kristina shows that these joggers from Parker Smith are true winners and are sure to somewhat beat out skinny jeans this winter as a super cozy alternative.

Shop the Parker Smith Wide Leg Jogger in Wax On here, and see Kristina’s blog post featuring this look for more information and photos, here.