Flo Loves Clothes in BLANKNYC Vegan Leather

I absolutely LOVE BLANKNYC‘s Vegan Leather line, and so do the rest of us here at Denimology! I remember first seeing this brand years ago as a cheaper source for premium denim, but they’ve grown so much over the years and become one of my absolute favorite brands. BLANKNYC has expanded their collections with some of the most creatively edgy pieces I’ve ever seen, and the prices cannot be beat! Here’s another awesome one…we spotted blogger Florencia of Flo Loves Clothes in BLANKNYC Vegan Leather, wearing the gorgeous Vegan Leather Skinnies in Wake Up Call. These babies aren’t just faux leather…they are embroidered all the way down the front of each leg with black faux suede lacing, and they also feature some super neat gunmetal hardware. When I thought there wasn’t much else a brand could do with the faux leather look, BLANKNYC came along…and then once I thought there wasn’t much else THEY could do, these pretty jeans emerge and prove that this brand has one of the coolest creative teams ever.

Grab the BLANKNYC Skinny Classique in Wake Up Call here (and enjoy 30% off your order for a limited time!), and view Flo’s blog, here!