joe's leather collection
Joe’s – Leather to Die For

While we all love our summers and sunshine and beaches and…. well, all that’s good has to end, doesn’t it – sad face πŸ™

But, at least, there is something to look forward to when it gets colder: new denim, leather, jackets, boots, sweaters, the reasons are quite endless LOL – happy face! πŸ™‚

Joe’s just makes it incredibly fun for us even in the colder weather: their leather collection is simply superb! Actually, its been ages since I had last seen a pair of flare leather jeans (see below)…I think they must have been some vintage and definitely not as tight and sexy fitting as these bad boys.

The Joe’s Leather collection is available here.

flare leather jeans

white leather jeans
White distressed leather jeans, extremely edgy and luxurious

black distressed leather jeans
The very form fitting mid rise black ankle skinny with some distressing – a classic

leather pencil skirts
Bring out your sexy inner self in these tight fitting lamb leather pencil skirt – let’s partieeee!!!

leather insets
The Phoenix Skinny Ankle is a black on black rinse denim with leather inserts at the knees for a sleek, rocker look – a great option if you don’t want too much of a leather look (see first image above)